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Kevin Ball, known simply as Kev, is the bartender at Frank’s favorite bar and the Gallagher’s’ neighbor and friend along with his long term girlfriend Veronica. Kev is a good man and can usually be persuaded to give Frank drinks on credit or cash his disability checks for him but that doesn’t mean he loves living near the Gallagher’s all the time.

Fiona often convinces Veronica to help in some way, such as allowing the youngest Gallagher to use their bathroom, but V finds it easier to keep these things from Kev, who can often be heard uttering the words “fucking Gallagher’s”. Kev and Veronica are known for having the most loving and committed relationship on the show as well as their particularly adventurous sex life.

While Svetlana is working at their bar, Kev spills about her immigration status unknowingly to a federal agent. Rather than loose Svetlana, Veronica decides to marry her so she can stay in the US. Svetlana, Kev, and Veronica enter into the throupple relationship.

However, Svetlana’s husband from Russia shows up. She lies and said he is her father. She also tricks Kev and V into signing over the bar when they thought they were signing adoption papers for their children, they were actually signing over the Alibi bar to the new owner, Svetlana Fisher.