Queenie Slott is the mother of Samantha Slott and the ex-girlfriend of Frank Gallagher. She first appears in NSFW to collect a homeless Chucky Slott and reconnects with Frank.

Quennie is introduced in NSFW as the beautiful mother of Sammy and Frank’s ex, whom he still harbors a deep attraction to. The pair begin having sex again, and Frank quickly becomes attached. He repeatedly asks Quennie to stay, but she doesn’t want to leave the commune where she works as a healer. Eventually, after meeting Debbie and learning of her pregnancy, Quennie decides to stay due to Frank’s promise that he’s changed and wants her in his life.

In “Be a Good Boy. Come for Grandma”, Quennie slips into the place as the Head of the Gallagher household. She prepares an all-organic breakfast for the Gallaghers and when they attempt to leave without eating she demands that they stay and eat “like a family”.

In A Yurt of One’s Own, Quennie takes a pregnant Debbie to the commune with her, alongside Frank, who’s running from G-Doggg, Carl’s ex-drug lord. Quennie is a confident, somewhat promiscuous woman who is very environmentally-concious. She believes strongly in herbal healing methods and has been described as being a hippie.

Portrayed by Sherilyn Fenn