Showtime’s Shameless is more than just a television show. It’s a lifestyle.

If you watch Shameless, you probably know how absolutely addicting it is. In that first episode, you’re first struck by how gritty and real and messy the Gallagher family’s life is. Then you love how raunchy the show is. At this point, you feel like a Gallagher, and you, too, must be part of the family.

So, in preparation for Season 8 of Shameless, let’s review all the things that made us fall in love with the Gallagher’s in the first place.

10Fiona is a Badass

Fiona is fierce and loving and wild and she always keeps the family together. She shows insane courage every time she takes on a new challenge in the name of family. Emmy Rossum deserves all the awards for giving life to this phenomenal character.