Sure, everyone else in Shameless seems to be doing better by the end of season 7. Everyone that is except Mickey Milkovich. So you break out of prison just to have the love of your life tell you “It’s just not them anymore.” This has brought on a lot of fans saying “If Mickey’s out, so am I” and it’s hard to disagree. So here’s a list of a few reasons why they should #BringMickeyBack

Season 8 of Shameless will air on Showtime Nov. 5th 2017.

5Why Did Showtime Bring Mickey Back, Just To Do Him Dirty Like That?

I really do believe at the end of Season 7, Episode 11 that he genuinely meant that “I love you.” He left Mickey with all of his life savings and that action alone, especially for a Gallagher, would require a grievous amount of love toward the recipient of such a parting gift. At least we know he wanted more than anything to give Mickey the chance of a good life, even if he wouldn’t be a part of it.