The Gallaghers and their friends are not only erratic and scandalous, but that it’s their drive and resilience that makes them a really lovable bunch.

It is rare that we get to watch a US production of a family living in the harsh realities of the lower working class. Mix in their equally dysfunctional friends and you have a recipe for disaster. But ‘Shameless’ has so many real life situations, even for those of us who might not see ourselves in the characters.

6Respect Your Money

In almost every episode of ‘Shameless’ we see someone in need of money that they don’t have or someone doing something dodgy to get their hands on a few Dollars. Whether it’s problems with the bar, being robbed or baby mama drama, Kevin teaches us that you control your money and what happens to it. We also learn from Fiona that it is important to pay off your debt and manage your finances if you want to get ahead. Having money can open doors (or get you a laundromat), so use it wisely.

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