Emmy Rossum went from being a relatively unknown actress to becoming a household name thanks to her role as Fiona Gallagher on the hit Showtime series Shameless. She’s a smart, driven woman whose career keeps reaching new heights (and she’s worked hard at ensuring that she’s respected and treated as an equal in the industry). That said, it’s not just Rossum’s career that’s of interest, but other aspects of her life, too.

7She was raised by a single mom

Rossum was raised by her mother, Cheryl Rossum. She has previously spoken about her childhood and the difficulties she faced not having a father, especially on holidays like Father’s Day. In a lengthy and deeply moving Facebook post she shared her thoughts. “I had a single mom. I have a single mom. This isn’t a secret,” she said. “Growing up in a school — and a world — filled with mostly two parent units was difficult for me. Father’s Day still is difficult for me.”

Rossum then went on to admit that although she didn’t have a mother and a father who were there for her, her mom was always enough. She said, “She is enough. She wasn’t perfect, no one is, but for me she was the best mom ever.”