Gallavich Scene Insights Season 1

Now let me remind you of how Mickey Milkovich was first presented but pay attention to Ian’s reactions. When Ian was the first guy to ever turn down Mandy Milkovich she sent her brothers to kick his ass. Mickey Milkovich was not suppose to be a character anyone likes.

There’s not a lot of hope for a character like Mickey Milkovich. The scene is blank. Not because it’s cold either. It’s the muted colors, the over used gray and green that almost look like a rundown or washout version of military green.

Even if it’s daylight in this scene it still feels dark and gloomy. There’s not a lot of light or color anywhere.

In the first scenes we ever see of Ian and Mickey it is already clear who the focus is on. Mickey Milkovich is after Ian.

The first scene with Ian and Mickey doesn’t have a lot of color in this shot. Notice the only red item is literally Ian. Or items that are stacked in front of Ian all have a red tint focusing in on Ian. Red draws attention and a keen use of red as an accent can immediately focus attention on a particular element.

Red has more personal associations than any other color. Recognized as a stimulant, red is inherently exciting and the amount of red is directly related to the level of energy perceived.The fact that Ian is a red target for Mickey Milkovich is obvious. 

Red, the color of blood and fire, is associated with meanings of love, passion, desire, heat, longing, lust, sexuality or sensitivity.

Red could also represent a romance, joy, strength, leadership, courage, vigor, willpower, rage, anger, danger, malice, wrath, stress, action, vibrancy.

If you’ll recall, Ian was already sleeping with Kash when Mickey started trouble by basically robbing the store in broad daylight, without a care in the world.

Even here, Ian’s eye’s follow Mickey. Ian is the only one who is not in muted color. Notice Kash is so intimidated he can’t even look up. But Ian is drawn to follow Mickey, to say something. Ian doesn’t know why he’s even daring to say anything to Mickey. He stumbles over his insult. Ian’s not sure what Mickey will do next.

“Hey Mickey, why don’t you steal from a neighborhood you don’t live in? Have some civic pride huh?” Ian bravely states.

Instead of an attack, Mickey actually puts Ian in control of that decision. Could this be a clue into maybe how Ian saw himself on top of Mickey already?

When Mickey threw that at Ian, it was a sign of flirting. It was Mickeys way to dare Ian to do something. Mickey probably wanted to test his limits too – see how much he could possibly get away with.

“You know where I live if you have a problem.” Mickey casually calls out. That was a dare directly to Ian.

Fast forward to episode 7 after Mickey stole the gun from Kash, Ian finally decided to show up at the Milkovich house to look for Mickey and the stolen gun. Mandy already knew Ian was gay and she had told him she would “cover for him with her brothers”. Do you notice all the random garbage has a lot of red in it. The big red cooler thing on it’s side, multiple red solo cups?

Now see if you can count the red items in the scene when Ian wakes Mickey up. There’s a red blanket, at least 4 posters all containing red. Mickey’s bed even has a red blanket on it. Somehow during the struggle the red color changed from anger to passion.

Notice in the following scene after the fight, when Mickey throws the gun to Ian its by the red blanket. There’s red lettering behind him. The red color and tints in every scene make the different in the feel of the moments.

Will Mickey and Ian ever have more than just this passion filled encounter? This is only the first season 1 insight so far.