Shameless fans are getting a more than a little bit anxious as they await Season 8 of the Showtime comedy of the dysfunctional Gallagher family.

One of the biggest questions Shameless fans have at this point is, when are we going to have to say goodbye to the Gallagher family? Does Showtime have a plan for the series finale? With the season 8 decision coming after the season 7 finale it leaves fans wondering how long with the show continue?

William H. Macy (known for his role as Frank Gallagher) revealed the series would continue for another four years or so.

William H. Macy as Frank Gallagher

It was during a Showtime panel, when Macy was opening up about Frank and what it was like to take on the head of the dysfunctional family, that he revealed the series would likely continue for another four years.

Based on what William H. Macy said during the panel, Shameless fans can assume there will likely be a Season 8, Season 9, Season 10, and Season 11. The question is – will the Showtime series continue beyond Season 11 or could Season 11 be the series finale?

Can Shameless fans expect the Showtime series to end the same way Shameless U.K. did?

Even with the proper contracts in place, the network is only going to continue to renew a series that is actually making money. If people were to stop watching Shameless, it may not survive another four years, let alone exceed them.