The hashtag and phrase “BringMickeyBack” continues to trend on social media platforms, in fan groups, and on fan pages and Shameless fans demand the return of Noel Fisher as Mickey Milkovich for Season 8 of the series. Even the Shameless writers are getting in on the fun on Twitter.

Just how big is the demand for Noel Fisher to return as Mickey Milkovich on Shameless and is there any real chance the actor would ever consider returning?

Mickey Milkovich was the tough bad boy that was deep in the closet when it came to his sexuality but wanted nothing more than to continue to be with Ian. While their relationship was purely about intimacy at first, the two fell in love and it became so much more.

Don’t forget, this is a couple who is “The Best-Written Gay Couple on Television,” Vanity Fair said.

Mickey was the jerk and bad boy that not all fans liked at first. He, however, began to steal the hearts of Shameless fans as he fell in love with Ian and their relationship began to blossom. Unfortunately, Shameless fans were forced to say goodbye to Noel Fisher as Mickey Milkovich not once, but twice.

Across various social media platforms, there is a heated demand for the return of Noel Fisher. On Twitter, the hashtags #BringMickeyBack and #BringBackMickey are used almost daily. Twitter users will tag Showtime and various cast members as they demand the return of Milkovich.

Noel Fisher has said to fans that there was always a chance he could return and try to be with Ian again in the future of the series. Noel even proceeded to mention the fact that if the walls of the prison couldn’t hold him – there was no way borders would keep him from returning if he was meant to come back.

Previously we said that William H. Macy said Shameless could go to season 11 would Mickey make another appearance before the Showtime series finally concludes?

In Facebook fan groups, some have speculated the series isn’t going to make it another four years if they do not bring back Noel Fisher as a large portion of the fan base claims he was one of the best/favorite characters on the show. The majority of people who watch Shameless more than one time are #gallavich fans. There’s even a #gallavich fan group with almost 60,000 members in it.

Will Shameless survive if they lost that fan base? Or will they #BringMickeyBack