Emmy Rossum Says ‘Shameless’ Fans Still Yell At Her On The Street Over One Scene

Fiona Gallagher has been through a lot of insanity throughout the seven season of Shameless, but Emmy Rossum’s life really hasn’t been that unbelievable wild. Apparently, that’s a confusing concept for some fans of the show.

Emmy revealed Shameless fans will still come up and yell at her if they see her on the street about bad things they’ve seen Fiona do on the show. In particular, there’s one scene in Season 4 she seems to get the most random hate for.

When Fiona left out the cocaine and her little brother Liam got into it on accident and almost died – Fiona was charged with child endangerment and sent to jail.

Emmy Rossum as Fiona Gallagher in Shameless (Season 4, episode 12)

Emmy said strangers are constantly accusing her of accidentally overdosing a baby with cocaine, something her character Fiona did earlier in the series.

“People scream at me like, ‘F— you, Fiona, you overdosed that baby.’ They actually think you’re that person.”

The scene that gets these angry, confused strangers so upset occurred in the fifth episode of Season 4 when Fiona celebrates her birthday with a bag of cocaine. But she leaves it out and her infant brother Liam winds up consuming it, landing him in the hospital and Fiona in jail.

Emmy went on to explain she was initially worried about playing a character who does so many reprehensible things, but now she doesn’t care at all what people think of Fiona.

Now preparing to start its eighth season and with no sign of stopping there, Shameless is clearly doing something right, and so is Emmy Rossum.

Remember she’s actually not Fiona Gallagher in real life.

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