8 Things We Want to See This Season on Shameless

Season 8 on Showtime

Last season of Shameless was nothing short an emotional roller coaster, with Monica’s death ushering in a new era for her just-remarried husband, Frank, and their kids. It seemed like the family was finally back on track—or, really, on track for the first time ever.

Fiona was successfully running two businesses and dipping her toes into Chicago’s real estate market. Lip was trying to get sober. Ian found his calling as an EMT. Debbie was pursuing her newfound passion for welding. Carl left his criminal ways in the past and embraced military school. And the youngest Gallagher, Liam, began attending a wealthy local private school.

Everyone seemed to be on the right path—but this is Shameless, and we know that won’t last too long.

7. Liam To Do Good In School

When Frank wormed his way into the principal’s office at a ritzy private school nearby, though, he did a bit of good for once and landed Liam a spot, free of charge. This season, we want to see Liam excel in school and continue to speak up about what he wants—and deserves—in life.

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