Monica’s Ghost

The ghost of Monica will live on for Ian (Cameron Monaghan), who shared a bond with his mother given their bi-polar disorder. Out of all of the Gallagher kids, he was not only the one who seemed to understand Monica best but also genuinely care for her.

Ian is over the top trying to persuade Trevor to give him a second chance. Trevor isn’t reacting the way Ian wants at all. He is still hurt over Ian leaving with Mickey Milkovich in season 7. He also gets a questionable new tattoo…

Ian is struggling. He’s sort of surprised by it, but she was sort of his touchstone, and they were very close at times, executive producer John Wells says.

“It reverberates for Ian throughout the course of the season. The death of a parent, even an estranged parent, sets off a lot of waves. There’s a lot of things you can’t say that you wish you had said and things you wish had happened that you can’t experience now.”

Ian Gallagher will apparently likewise grieve, as he was perhaps the one child who truly understood Monica. Yet while Frank (and Lip) sober up, the new season will be about each of the children moving on in individual ways.

Lip Sober?

Jeremy Allen White, who plays Lip, said as much: “I think all of the characters at this point have all grown up so much that while in the middle of the show, they really relied on one another. Now they’re all getting to the point where they have to be a healthy sort of selfish where they take care of themselves first, ahead of the others.”

Past seasons have seen them engaging in various degrees of destructive behavior to distract from their situation, but now they’ve all grown up enough to learn the best thing is to actually prioritize taking care of themselves.

Looks Who Is Back

For Fiona, this comes in the form of fixing up the apartment building she bought to rent out units. “It’s a big learning curve for her, but I think she’s really finding her footing as an adult. We’re seeing a more mature Fiona,” Rossum says.

But one surprise is shown in the episode 4 preview.

Looks like that is Sean who is back! To watch the entire preview you can click VIDEOS

Kev and V are trying to get their bar back when a cancer scare comes up for Kev. However, they did turn it into something pretty cool.

Season 8 is starting to become a fan favorite already. Who knows what will happen next week.

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