Season 8 will bring a lot of new faces to the South Side. Fiona Gallagher (Emmy Rossum) honestly needs some friends as she spent the majority of Season 7 as a lone wolf, trying to start a business enterprise on her own. Fiona Gallagher is getting a new friend on the next season of Shameless. Or could is be a romantic interest?

Jessica Szohr will be joining the Showtime drama as a recurring character in Season 8, according to The Hollywood Reporter.


Jessica will take on the role of a character named Nessa. Nessa is described as a tough and intelligent lesbian, who will be moving into the apartment building Fiona has recently purchased.

The Gossip Girl alum will play Nessa, “a strong, tough and smart lesbian who is a tenant in Fiona’s newly purchased apartment building. The duo will develop a strong friendship.”

While Szohr’s character is just going to start out as Fiona’s tenant, the two are going to develop a very strong friendship as Season 8 of Shameless progresses.

Though the Gallagher family matriarch was able to repair her damaged relationship with Vee (Shanola Hamption) by the end of the season, she has been a lone wolf for the last couple of seasons. Fiona gave up her love and lusting ways in order to focus on bettering herself and her career. One can only wonder if her new lesbian friend could turn out to be more than just friends.

Season 8 is expected to reveal where the Gallagher family will be following Monica’s (Chloe Webb) death. Before she passed away, it was exposed that she had in her possession several pieces of crystal meth.
The drugs were evenly divided between Frank and the kids. Fiona suggested that they flush the meth in the toilet, but no one listened to her. Fiona buried her and the youngest brother Liam’s share. 
Shameless is expected to return to Showtime later this year.