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Season 8: Love Connections With Old Familiar Faces?

Fans are getting itchy to know just what could lie ahead for each of the Gallaghers in the upcoming season. Here are some could be potential #Gallagher love connection spoilers.

Will life finally run smoothly for the Gallagher’s?

Fiona is now testing the waters as a real estate owner. When we left off, she had just bought an apartment building and was making big plans for her future. However, the one thing missing from Fiona’s life was love.

Fiona may dabble in the same-sex relationship this season. Although many believe this is highly unlikely, she wasn’t too keen on the idea a few seasons back when her gal pal Jasmine put the moves on her.

Will fans see the return once again of Jimmy/Steve or will Fiona meet some new love prospects, perhaps one of her new tenants?

Frank, his real true love is alcohol and drugs. As for women, he has lost Monica forever this time, and we see Frank continuing along his path of destruction, drowning his sorrows.

Lip, fans feel Lip needs to continue with his sobriety and get back to college. Where will his relationship with Sierra be in season 8?

Rumors are that Lip may also have an ex coming back in season 8. But would it be Karen, Mandy, or Amanda? Lip has a lot of potentials if he would get his act together.

Ian is well bipolar. It is known that Mickey and Ian truly love each other. Ian just can’t throw away his life to Mickey’s wicked ways though. If Mickey returns and offers Ian something new in their relationship, Ian could reconsider.

However, there is always Trevor. Fans liked Ian and Trevor together too. It felt right. We look for Ian to be torn between two lovers, will he make a choice, is there a possible Mickey return planned in season 8?

Debbie is a mom now, and if the alleged time-hop takes place this season on “Shameless,” it is going to age her a few years. As a single mom, she could take a page out of Fiona’s past romance book? Or will she settle down with Neil and become happy?

Carl is… well, Carl. Even with military school possibly behind him, it would just seem fitting to see Carl slip back into some of his wild ways. Carl might not be with Dominique in season 8.

What are your thoughts for the Gallagher family for the upcoming season 8 of “Shameless.”

Shameless is currently being filmed and will be released on Showtime later this year or next.