Fiona has a horrific track record with the men, but Ford may well be the man for her.

He’s laid back, and takes nothing too seriously and seems to care a whole lot about Fiona’s feelings. It was awkward that he took her on a date with his exes, but maybe that’s a testament to much of a good person he is.

For Fiona, this seemed odd, and it made her question what was going on. The kiss that closed off the hour was great because it gave Fiona the confirmation she needed that she could find love again, and it seems like she won’t be making the same mistakes as before.

Something was always going to go wrong with the building, and the fact that the contractor never showed up at the hospital to check on the injured worker makes some think Fiona is going to be facing a lawsuit. Fiona may be gearing up to flee the Gallagher nest, but the drama is going to follow her around everywhere she goes. At least she has Ford along with her for the ride.

Lip’s & Sierra or Lip & Eddie

Lip sleeping with Sierra just complicates things again, and it was clear Sierra only went through with it because she was hurting about Charlie. Deep down, Sierra may harbor feelings towards Lip, but she decided to let Lip go in favor of pursuing a relationship with her child’s father.


That was the best move for her, and she wanted her kid to grow up with two parents instead of one. He had a good thing going with Eddie. Everyone told him that he needed to stay out of a relationship to keep on the straight and narrow.


Did anyone else feel a little bad for Svetlana? Why did she feel like she was being compared to trash?

Svetlana has always had an icy demeanor, so even Kev and V were shocked by her tears. Hopefully, this will be enough of an emotional punch to stop the throuple fighting.

The Old Frank

Frank punching a Canadian child was one of the funniest scenes to date with this season.

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