Season 8 Spoilers Ahead!

Ford (Richard Flood) shows Fiona (Emmy Rossum) a side of Chicago she has never seen before, which makes her consider moving into her very own apartment. Determined to find a replacement for Professor Youens (Alan Rosenberg), Lip (Jeremy Allen White) interviews potential new sponsors.

Elsewhere, Debbie (Emma Kenney) struggles with unemployment as she attempts to find a way to raise Franny and afford school. Ian (Cameron Monaghan) also finds himself in the middle of a tight spot as he confronts a homophobic pastor.

Frank (William H. Macy) starts an unconventional business in the next episode titled “Frank’s Northern Southern Express,” the show’s next episode will see the Gallagher patriarch come up with a unique idea for a business. He begins a booming import-export business but it may not be as simple as it seems. The promo opens with Frank helping illegal immigrants head to Canada. Another scene cuts to Lip hanging out in a restaurant as he scouts for a new sponsor. It seems like Lip failed to find a sponsor as he appears to be storming off from the establishment.

Youens’ trial has begun, and right off the bat, it’s not looking good. The old lady whose house he crashed through like the Kool-Aid Man is testifying with a neck brace. “I’m going to jail…for the rest of my life,” Youens whispers to Lip. Brad’s up next and he doesn’t exactly help the cause, since he somehow manages not to lie or tell the truth.

When court returns from break, Lip takes the stand and does his best to help his mentor. “I wouldn’t be alive without him,” he says, sharing how Youens paid for him to go to rehab. “Please give him the chance that he gave to me.” Lip might have really made a difference in the judge and jury’s decision, but we’ll never know, because Youens is clearly drunk when he attempts to testify.

Ian goes face to face with a pastor and one churchgoer. A frustrated Fiona talks about her insane family and how “there’s always strange people” in their house. One of her friends suggests she try moving to her own apartment, but she may need some time to get used to it. Fiona and Ian’s war reached a new level when he called the fire department to report multiple fire code violations in her building.

Nessa has sent an Irishman named Ford to help. One slight issue: He refuses to get rid of it. Instead, he’s going to fix it for free. V stops by, opining that Ford is “cute,” while Fiona insists he’s “weird.” Fifty bucks says they’re hooking up within two episodes. The sexual chemistry is interrupted by the fire department arriving after reports of fire code violations. Guess who they came from. “Game on, motherf—er,” Fiona yells outside to Ian.

Fiona isn’t the only one worried about Ian. He returns home to find Trevor waiting for him with news that he signed the lease on the other building and that he’s worried Ian isn’t taking care of himself. Like with Fiona, Ian’s not very receptive to the opinion. He’s equally standoffish when Fiona comes into his room later to once again try to make amends. “I want things to be okay between us,” she shares. According to him, things are okay, but he does make mention of “larger concerns to consider.” The combination of that comment and his chilly demeanor surely leaves Fiona and viewers concerned about his current state.

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