Season 8 fans are having a difficult time dealing with one of the main characters biggest changes. Many fans are not thrilled with the new selfish personality traits that Debbie Gallagher has been showing thus far.

Debbie & Motherhood

Is Debbie failing as a mom? While some fans believe so far the series has been somewhat tamed down, so far, others believe the show’s writers are setting up the story lines that will unleash a whole new level of “Shameless” behavior in the upcoming episodes.

Since the Season 8 debut, Debs has been well, not at all like her former self. Viewers have noticed that when it comes to Debs she is the one Gallagher family member that appears to have changed the most.

We all know that Debbie is still very young, and becoming a teen single mom is a tough job. Debs went from the sweet, caring, family oriented Gallagher, to a girl who is using Neil to help her take care of her young daughter Frannie. It seems that as the seasons of “Shameless” continue on it is Debbie that is more like Monica than any of the other Gallagher children, including Ian.

She carts baby Frannie to work with her and uses a dog carrier as a playpen. She did start going to welding school at first to help secure a well-paying job in the future, but it now seems as if Debs is more concerned with partying after class with her new adult friends and chasing after men than taking care of Frannie.

Fiona Says Tinder No More

Fiona appears to desire change in her life, stating she wants a connection and a relationship. Is this the door for Jimmy/Steve’s return? Lip continues to work hard at his sobriety, but he may be letting his desire for Sierra cloud his head.

Ian is making fans nervous he is working too hard at trying to get Trevor back. His emotions about Trevor and losing Monica could send him over the edge and back into a major and dangerous bi-polar funk.

Carl can’t decide which way to go in life. He appears to be torn between being the military school success, and a need continue on with his bad boy Carl’s ways. Fans are also waiting on something to break when it comes to Liam.

Back From The South

It is also great to see Kevin and Vee back at the Alibi, however, we haven’t seen the last of Sventlana. Last but not least, there is Frank Gallagher…while his new outlook on life is commendable…No one buys that this will last much longer.