Fiona’s Exes May Return in Season 8 of Shameless

Season 8 of Shameless started filming in May 2017 and it will hopefully be released in fall 2017 or winter 2018. Even though the release date for Season 8 hasn’t been announced yet, there’s tons of spoilers and speculation about what may happen in the highly anticipated season. One rumor is that one of Fiona’s former loves could be back. But which one is the burning question? Will it be Jimmy/Steve or Sean?
Fiona, facing mounting issues, contemplates Margo’s offer to buy the laundromat. Now that she sold it and bought the apartments what is next for her?
Fiona learns that owning a laundromat is costlier than expected last season.

Fiona is expected to have another serious romantic relationship after her split with Sean in Season 6 and her Tinder dating style in Season 7. Does this mean it’s over for the new age ‘Swipe, Fuck, Leave.’ Lifestyle Fiona was living up to in season 7? What would happen when and if Sean came back? What about Jimmy/Steve?

After Frank ruining Fiona’s Wedding to Shawn in season 6 by calling him out on his secret heroin addiction, is there any hope that they could get back together for season 8?

What will Lip do to get back into school? He is done drinking – for now. If Lip has a spiraling out of control with his drinking, will he end up making the same mistakes as Frank or Fiona? Sierra is like a breathe of fresh air to Lip and he seems to want to do right with her.

When dating for fun turns into falling to fast, what will happy in season 8 with Lip and Sierra?

Sierra seems to really like Lip too, but her responsibilities as a parent make this a different type of relationship for Lip. With her being a single mom she has to keep a level head. Lip has not had a real relationship with someone for more than one season, maybe Sierra will change that.

But did we talk about Trevor yet? The new guy in Ian’s life.

He’s also transsexual which has brought up a few questions. Most people, like Lip, although not the politically correct in their comments, do not mean them as rude, more like unsure of what to say or how to say it. Ian’s face when Lip put his foot in his mouth – priceless.

Meanwhile, Mickey and Ian have been to hell and back. Being away from the majority of season 5 – 7, Mickey came back in season 7 and hearts stopped. Now Mickey Milkovich has escaped prison. When Mickey finds Ian, there’s no denying it.

The #gallavich shippers finally felt like their happy ending was here – but it didn’t last long. Mickey went across the border alone, and it was heartbreaking. It’s the first time we hear Ian actually say ‘I love you’ to Mickey. Will Mickey Milkovich return in season 8? Every #gallavich fans still has their hopes up.


Although Ian came home from Mexico, the future with Trevor’s is uncertain after Ian confesses that he was with Mickey. Trevor does attend the funeral, and are it’s already confirmed he’s in season 8.

With her baby back home, do you think Debbie will continue her relationship with Neil?

Poor Debbie is having a hard enough time just being a normal teenager girl with a baby. When Fiona gets strict and asks everyone in the family to contribute to the monthly expenses, Debbie panics.

Afraid she and her infant daughter will be homeless, she literally falls into someones lap who can change her life, Lip’s new girlfriend Sierra’s handicapped brother, Neil. Seeing no alternatives, she asks Frank and Sevtlana. Frank advises her to take advantage of people’s pity by begging on the streets, while Svetlana suggests to find a “weak, desperate man” who could provide for her.

Monica comes into town and hits a home run helping Debbie get her daughter back. That only patches her real problems for a small time.

Monica is back! And her first task is to help Debbie get back Franny!

Carl has a serious question for Frank. After learning his girlfriend thinks it looks weird he goes has surgery.

Speaking of the Svetlana, Kev and V continue their thrupple with Svetlana until they find out Svetlana lied and betrayed them. 

Is this the end of the favorite 3 some?

Will the 3 some every go back to normal? During the last episodes V was about to burn down the neighborhood burning anything and everything that belong to Svetlana. The shocking part about it was how in love V actually is with Svetlana. 

Frank tells the story of how he met his great love. He says, “My pilot light was out, and Monica was the gas company.” At least they got to drug all their children with molly for one last party.

“Every time I look into one of you kids’ faces, I see her face looking back at me, smiling, laughing,” he says, tearfully. “She was strong, and you’re strong. She was brave, and you’re brave…. Hate her if you want, but she’s in you, and that’s a good thing.”

What will happen next for the Gallagher’s?

Season 8 has a lot to live up to.

Fiona becomes the owner of an apartment building; Lip goes to a meeting; Debbie starts welding classes (and finds a new crush in her hot teacher); Ian is back on the job; and Frank watches in approval as Carl spray-paints Monica’s name on a building.