Lip (Jeremy Allen White) is sober on this season of Shameless, but does that mean his personal life will get a happy ending?

Don’t bet on it. The heavy romance with Sierra (Ruby Modine) last season, the two are remaining close but without any sort of romantic connection. We will be seeing a lot more of Sierra this season, although not necessarily because of her involvement with Lip.

“You’re going to be able to peek behind the curtain of what Sierra’s life is,” Modine teased. “She’s still working at Patsy’s [Diner] but there are other elements that are at play this coming season…[We’ll be] seeing the direction she’s choosing to go in to better her son’s life.”

Lip going to be cool if that direction doesn’t involve him? For someone that always tends to go head over heels, we have a feeling Sierra’s need for betterment isn’t going to go well for our overachieving Gallagher.