Emma Kenney – known for her role as Debbie Gallagher – shared a picture for the table read of the script for Season 8 Episode 1 on Instagram. The picture has accumulated more than 3,000 comments in 24 hours and they were heavily focused on the name “Sheila.”

Emma Kenney on the set of Shameless season 8

Did this picture mean Sheila was coming back? Would Shameless fans get to enjoy Frank’s ex once more? Unfortunately, it appears as if fans of the Showtime series may have jumped the gun on this one.

A few Instagram users pointed out the fact that Sheila Callaghan and Sheila Jackson were not the same person. Typically, the name cards will include the actual name of the actor or actress with the name of his or her character in quotes underneath.

A large portion of the Shameless fan base saw the name Sheila Callaghan and quickly assumed it meant the beloved Sheila Jackson (played by Joan Cusack) would be returning for Season 8.

While the request for Joan Cusack to return to Shameless to take on the role of Sheila has been a very common one among fan groups of the series, it doesn’t appear to be in the cards for the near future. The bigger question is – how would Sheila be written back into the show should they decide to bring her back? Comment below if you want Sheila back in season 8.