On a reality TV Show called Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry, Shameless star Shanola Hampton gets a message from her mother, who died when she was just a teenager.

“Around you, there is a lady who acknowledges that she feels like she died too soon,” Tyler tells Shanola. “The thing is, is that she feels like she at least got to reach middle age or at least got to reach around that time frame and she’s like, ‘I got to this point.’ It’s not like I died in my 20s, but I didn’t die in my 80s. The feeling that comes through with this is technically there’s more of a feeling like when it comes to getting the news of my passing, I feel like not everyone at one point was around or had the opportunity to say goodbye.”

Shanola’s two sisters are watching in another room and become shocked at what Tyler said. “Oh my god, that’s crazy!” says her sister Felicia.